Thursday, April 19, 2007

Dwelling in our Abode

Sooner or later our vacations have to end. The real world pulls us back in. I have spent the last few weeks in Toontown, and love the alternate universe. There you can make friends easily, the tasks are reasonable, and the trouble is obvious. Here in the real world nothing has changed, I spend too much time on current events and the onslaught of evil deeds are like the waves in the ocean. Perpetual and predictable. It is very depressing. We could all learn something from the kids about how to have fun and what makes the world go 'round. Even though I have not been opining on the events of the day recently, I have been paying attention to what's going on out there and I am praying to God to remove the evil from the world so we can all live in a peaceful, wonderful world where our lives potential can be fulfilled.
Have a nice Day! : )

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Olivia said...

I like your way of thinking and makes me happy that you have returned.

Have a nice Day friend :)