Tuesday, April 10, 2007

How Dare You

How can any one political party or one individual claim they are speaking for everybody else? Answer: they can't. America is close to evenly divided on the great issues of our day. The Democrat Party would love to use President Bush's low approval ratings as evidence that America does not wish Him to either lead with His principles or have success thereby. But once again, America is divided, maybe into thirds or fourths over this one. Many that are polled, as to disapproving of The President's handling of the War In Iraq, would disagree with him on not going tough enough and harsh enough to claim an incontrovertible victory. We are the mirror image of the weakling defeatists that would have US bow to Mecca 5 times a day to live in "peace". Somewhere between those two camps are a couple of middle of the road camps that are isolationist and would like US to go back to horse and buggy days. And also the can't pull my attention away from my own soap opera mentalities.
Today, Harry Reid claimed the new Democrat controlled congress has all of America on their side of the policy divide. I know from my experience in the world that this is not true. There are many who agree with Harry on this one, but by no means does He even have 25% of the people I know, and that is quite a few.
Our country is so great for the very reason that when we come on a problem, we don't fall into civil war on world changeing issues, we band together and the two extremes pull US through around the middle.

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