Tuesday, April 10, 2007

Those Who Can't Debate Won't Debate

Why is it the mainstream media lets the Democrat Party service their image through the media without even a raised eyebrow as to why The Democrats blackball Fox. Can the Fox News presentation slant Democrats debating among themselves? I think not. What could the Democrat frontrunners goal here be? To attempt to delegitamize Fox news? Most real conservatives do not think Fox is slanted toward the right. I know a lot of Lefties don't think ABC or CBS or NBC are slanted toward their viewpoint, but look objectively and it is there for all to see.
Think about it.


Olivia said...

I believe that understand you article.

I think that the tv should be neutral always. The tv influences very much the spectator.

In Spain happen equal, according to what channel you see, this will give a news of different way.

JohnnyT. said...

Olivia I am so happy to know that you read my blog. I really am intersted in the rest of the world and know there are many kindred spirits. Lately I have not been writing much, but I am thinking all the time. Take care. :) Your friend, John.