Saturday, March 10, 2007

Wishful Thinking:

Maybe advancing the secterian war could have been an intentional proxy instigation tactic that a still vastly superior US Military Global Outreach Complex created to upend the Islamists hold on the energy industry components and delivery.
Whatever the tactic to blunt the Islamo-Fascist movement is acceptable here. They have a Dogged Exigent Fervor to reduce the Western Supremacy to ashes. We stand in the way of their Global Caliphate. The pitting of their D.E.F. against our Terminal Tolerance will likely bring about the next World War.
The West in general and the U.S. in particular have handed the Islamascists all the tools they need to do US in. An economy that runs on their chief export, an unwillingness to get as brutal as our enemy, the crazy notion that their religion and Christianity are co-equal, and the inability to define them by their actions. If our "imperial designs" only benefitted ourselves there would be good reason to object. But it seems to me that we (Coalition Forces) are the only major players on the world stage who think about other countries along with our own interests.
Using a Judo move like turning their hatred of all things onto themselves is quite brilliant. Their alignments with China, Russia and Latin American Communists are a little more sobering. But all these fiefdoms could never unite beyond the rallying cry of Death to America. That will eventually be their Acchilles Heel. But will our country still be recognizable to US when that day comes?
Steadfastness and rightousness are the keys to our Nation staying at the pinnacle of benign power. When we forget why we are here we will surely be Lost.

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Olivia said...

I not if you will see my answer in my blog, so I put it here also.

In Spain has been liberated an assassin of ETA , is because of it that there is so many manifestation. This man killed 25 persons and still he laughs at her relatives. I hope that he rots in the hell and suffers so much as the relatives of her victims. ETA laughs of Spain and the politicians do not make anything to change this, neither a side nor another one. All are false and they only want the power.

Take care and have a great day.