Saturday, March 03, 2007

Where do We go from Here?

The Bush Administration claims to support the troops, but it took a scandalous expose' to reveal deplorable conditions our warriors have to endure after they risk everything for US and come home wounded. I know on the one hand the Executives would never want anything like this to happen, but it did. On the other hand the opposition will just use it as a wedge. After these brave soldiers go out and fight for all Americans and the whole free world, the least we can do is make sure they are well cared for when their bodies are broken and their minds are in anguish.
President Bush wants more money to fight over there and the Democrat opposition is trying to tack on pork at home. When the Republicans were in charge of the purse they did the same thing. So the Republican Administration supports the War, and the Democrat Opposition opposes the fighting but will use the War so they can spend. It seems both sides are not fully committed to victory first. Our wounded fighting Men and Women deserve more than We can give them, and do not deserve to become the rope in a game of Tug-of-War.
I am sure now that this situation has come to light it will be corrected, I wonder why it took so long for anybody to complain. Sometimes things cannot get fixed until you know it's broken. But just because something is not all right does not mean it is all wrong.


Danny L. McDaniel said...

The way they handle the war and the way they have handled Walter Reed is the same: badly.

But hardcore Bush supporters still worry about how the opposition will politicize this latest "scandel." If the Bush administration would worry more about doing the right thing then how it will be viewed by Democrats they might get something accomplished, they would have held on to have a mojority in Congress.

It doesn't matter because the Bush supporters will view this latest issue with blinders own as well. The war is unwinnable and no one body wants to admit to it.

JohnnyT. said...

I myself was a supporter of the decision to go to war against Iraq, to eliminate a dictatorship that was defying U.N. resolutions and harbored a will to destroy America. I have to agree however that the war has not been prosecuted properly. We should have gone at them with overwhelming force in the beginning. And left the policing action until after the enemy had been totally subdued.
Being a Bush "supporter", I have no choice, He is our commander in chief, I will not view this with blinders on, or give anybody a pass on this developement. These people risked everything to do the right thing and deserve the best treatment and respect from our country, from the President right on down to the illegal alien. The President is a civilian commander and the Army and all other branches are their own entities. I don't agree with blaming somebody when something goes awry. I believe in fixing the problem and moving forward. It is the defeatist attitudes that make Iraq unwinnable. I for one would never admit that we cannot win, we just refuse to do what it takes to win.

Danny L. McDaniel said...

Have you ever heard the saying: The path to hell is paved with good intention." I too was a Bush supporter. I was a delegate to both the state and national conventions from 1984-2000. Blind faith will get a person killed. The US cannot settle the permanent feud between Sunni and Shia. I now see Turkey conducting military raids in Northern Iraq against the Kurds. The Kurds are the world's largest ethnic majority without a homeland. Maybe fight the Turks as well? Iranians? Syrians? Pakistanis? Vietnamese?

The days of American military superpowership are over. Iraq has proved that military power has only so much influence.

Danny L. McDaniel said...

By the way, the US will Iraq with a military strong man in power, similiar to Hussein. The only difference will be he's our man. Re-equip the Iraqi military and give the government hundreds of billions in our hard earned tax money for "rebuilding." That money money will be distributed to his goons and Swiss bank accounts. When America gets in trouble it usually buys its way out.