Friday, March 16, 2007

Local NewsWatch March 16, 2007A.D.

Train Trestle Fire burns out of control for second Day North of Sacramento. The plume of smoke can be seen as far away as Fairfield and Martinez. The engineers had to cut the tracks loose to save the bridge. As of now no direct cause had been determined. Maybe a terroristic act of sabotage? Probably not!?!

College Basketball Tournament comes to Sacramento. The March Madness means some decent Basketball will be played at Arco Arena. It was cool to see the Goodyear blimp flying over our house today.

Spring is in the air, Allergy season has arrived with a vengeance, for some. It is just the grasses now , some must still dread the tree pollen.

A spate of bad parenting has struck our area, Mothers having sex with their teenagers friends, encouraging fighting, one even okayed a bb gun shooting, allowing drinking, and drug use. What the heck is going on? And these instances were the ones that were found out, so you know there are a lot more undetected. I just have to wonder how a grown woman would desire to have sex with a boy. And how must that make the husband feel. Was she shutting him down? Too tired? Was the whole idea to give your soon to be ex husband one good last low blow? These parents and in these cases mothers must be more interested in being "friends" with their kids than teaching them right from wrong and good morality. It's a sad world.

Kid found hanging in park ruled an accident. Tentatively, this really makes little sense. The tragedies that come and go make you want to pray to God to save these young impressionable souls. But from what and toward what? Just existing so you can feed your narcissistic demon for another day is not what the good Lord has in mind.

Build it, Dam it! Many would still like to see the Auburn Dam get finished, too, since the flood protection is immense and the hydroelectric power will be sorely needed. Also, wouldn't it be cool to drive to Cool quickly and directly?

Sherrif Deputies having phone sex at the jail, what an idiotic way to lose your job. I hope it was as good for the inmates, too. The husband and wife deputy team sound like real winners, I guess oversexed, out of control, ignoramus' come in all packages.

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