Sunday, November 11, 2007

We Owe You One

On the Eleventh Hour of the Eleventh Day of the Eleventh Month we honor the brave people who do the constitutions most important and solemn charge assigned to our Government. To protect our Country. Without these brave soldiers beating back the oppression wherever it surfaces in the world, before it can affect US here, we would have no country to call home. Home where it is safe to enjoy all the fruits of freedom. Freedom to pursue any dream we are capable of imagining. Imagine our country right now as weak militarily as it was under the Clinton administration. Think about these enemies, who are trying to kill Americans in whatever spectacular and widespread way possible, mobilizing out in the open. Without a determined commander in chief leading our forces fighting for our Liberty, and the Liberty of all freedom loving people in the world, these forces of evil oppression will be taking over. The path is laid out for US. We only have to be as brave as our fighting men and women, and walk down the path to peace, through strength. A year from now it will be another Veterans Day,we will be honoring a few less of the great soldiers who delivered US from the threats we faced in the Second World War. We will also have just elected a new Commander in Chief.
I will pray for our country to make the right decisions.
May God bless US and keep US safe. And may God bless these men and women who risk it all for all of US.

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