Thursday, November 22, 2007

Happy Thanksgiving!

What don't we have to be thankful for? Living in America in the 21st century, things could not be much better, even in a fallen world. Sometimes in our daily pursuits of pleasure we lose sight of the reality that in the Lord's realm all this will seem hollow. But the things that last are family, friends, love and our concern for our fellow man. Let US pray that we can heal our Nation of strife and then turn and be a guiding light to help heal the world. These are pursuits worthy of the greatest nation in ther history of this planet. I pray we can remain that very station.

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Celestial Cosmic Age Trust said...

THANKS GIVING BLOG, a comment on: Happy Thanksgiving!
There's a whole lot of sense in one, the weblogs called Happy Thanksgiving; where you said, thank you for saying about the Lord, and about how, really, the good part of being human is also about caring. Thank you. Concern for our fellow man is also in our nation, New Zealand, and in all nations, as people were born to care about each other. A good family will also care, naturally, as the Lord God wished it so, HE created ourselves to LOVE, to care, and to share!
I feel you are giving, or restoring,in myself at least, a Trust and Faith, that all is not bad in this world, that humans CAN be good! Let ourselves all pray that all Nations can be healed.
Merry Christmas, joyous forever, from New Zealand on 14th December 2007. You are welcome in my inbox, it's