Thursday, September 13, 2007

Anti-War or Anti-Freedom?

Sometimes free people have to fight to stay free, it has happened throughout the course of history. The belligerent and the totalitarian would enslave all humanity if they could. When a politician says they are anti-war I wonder first if they don't have the will to fight. Especially when we are in the middle of the pivotal war of the civilized world against an enemy who would revert all free people back to a time of servitude to a religous and political hierarchy. Hillary Clinton, Barack Obama and all the Democrat second tier would have US hide behind our oceans and fortified borders(ha ha). In a world that shrinks a little more every day that offers little consolation to this citizen. We must take the fight to our enemy, who has stated our destruction as their ultimate goal. I for one will remain vigilant and will be ready to do what needs to be done when the time comes and we are led by a pacifist suicidal turncoat of a politician who values an approval rating over the lives of American and freedom loving people around the world.
I wonder how anyone aware on 9/11/2001 could not remember our National Unity and resolve to eliminate this threat against the western world when we were attacked without provocation on that day. All the liberals were shaking in their shoes knowing full well they were the primary target of this cowardly sneak attack. With all their liberal ways and salacious justifications of degenerate behaviors, it is obvious the Islamo fascists cannot tolerate the tolerant. So the very individuals who led US into this quandary will lead US out by...hiding? Huddling in the fetal position until we are eventually overcome by an enemy outbreeding US? We will have to wait and see.and pray. and hope this country would never elect a pacifist in a time of war. This is a war we are in whether we believe it or not!


Anonymous said...

Not only all that but I will owe you a hundred bucks on top of the misery!Your bro,DWT

Anonymous said...

if you stop spewing the hate for long enough to think clearly, we can tackle point by point to prove you are wrong. It takes a man to admit when he's wrong and change for the better. The only time you should be sure of anything besides death is when you have exhausted your ability to hear both sides of the argument and then extensively searched long and hard for proofs for either side of an argument. Then and only then should you make up your mind on any issue. Else you will be no different than a sheep. Do you not realize the power of media and disinformation and mind control? or do you really think there are real freedoms? real freedom is freedom of the mind, not freedom of morality, freedom to curse God and country, freedom to vote for miraculously a 2 party system, or freedom to burn a flag. No! Freedom starts with freeing your mind and soul. Meaning, you are not being forced fed info and their discretion and actually talking with people yourself to judge for yourself and not relying on what the government and corporate media, both which are subject to powerful control and manipulation, for your info. In the case of Muslims, you have millions of them living right here in the former British colony and former Indian country. Why don't you talk to them and see their point of view and see what they are right about and what they are wrong. My point, is that what you are parroting has been spoon fed to you, but what I'm telling you is that people are people. We all want to live in peace and security and prosperity. The average human being, surely we all have minor sins, but are generally good people. Even in the most hostile environments and even the most primitive civilizations, you will find the common people, not the leaders and politicians, but the average person, a good person who just wants to live a good, clean, decent life. The hate is being taught to us by the government and media. We actually have more common between us than our differences no matter how extreme our differences are.

Anonymous said...

by the way, what do you think of Ron Paul? is he with us or is he against us? I mean is he an evil-doer, a liberal, a conservative, a hypocrite? Should we trust him?

Also, what about Pat Buchanan, do you trust him?

Also, what about Michael Weiner, do you listen to him? Do you love him? Do you trust him?

What about Norman Finkelstein? Should I trust him?

I'm interested in your opinions on these people and many more....

JohnnyT. said...

I don't believe the media as far as I can throw it. I believe in the Bible as the word of God and on that I stand. God said you will know the tree by the fruit it bears. thats all the evidence I need.