Sunday, October 03, 2010

Divided We Stand

President Obama came into office with controlling majorities in both houses of Congress and a phenomenal 70% favorable rating out in the electorate at large. Big cities and small towns all gave him the benefit of the doubt in regards to goodwill and how they believed he would Govern from the center, not from the left. Incredibly Team Obama has totally blown their advantages to the point of losing the House of Representatives and maybe losing control of the Senate. They will definitely not have a super majority anywhere anymore, maybe never again... Unless the Republican Party falters once again when they are given a chance to lead with Conservative Principles as their guide post.

Some of US knew all along that Obama was just pretending to be bi-partisan to gain the confidence of the independents and all the people who pay little attention to actions and deeds but only listen to sound bites on the evening news. We knew that sooner or later a man who was the most partisan in the US Senate, even if he was there for only 2 years, would not be able to stay a middle course when he had a chance to take a hard turn toward the left. Obama had a great opportunity to be one of the greatest Presidents ever. But he was blinded by his ideologies and subservient to those who empowered him through their investment in his candidacy. Now we are left with a petulant sophomoronic college lecturer of a President. How he governs without the cover of delegation to Pelosi Reid Waxman and Biden et al will tell all we need to know about the character of the 44th President of the United States.

Its ironic that what will first test the mettle of our young President will be from within the safety and security and confines of our Nation. Outside the walls, the wolves are circling, we have been invaded and pressure is mounting to give up as defenders of freedom and Democracy.
This fall will not be pretty.

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