Wednesday, October 13, 2010

Circling the Drain

California is doomed the way we are set up and being run right now.
Evidence in point:
*Selling off State owned buildings and then renting them back.
*The Candidates for Governor are squabbling over a Nanny and a name calling.
*A budget that yearly get passed months late is always covering up deficits with shenanigans.
*The largest population of Illegal Immigrants in the country.
*The largest population of welfare cases in the nation.
*Big Cities that are liberal and rural areas that are conservative with most all population in the big cities.
*12 and a 1/2 per cent unemployment.
*Highest taxed citizens in the country.
* State Government fixated on global warming to the point of skewing numbers in order to raise taxes and restrictions.
* Current Governor endorsing a pathetic RINO in another state.
* Willing electorate to watch the debacle and continue to vote in the same politically corrupt hacks election after election.
*Good productive citizens leaving for other states if they are able to do so.

Face it fellow Californians, if we don't start electing representatives who look out for all the interests of all our people this State will only be Golden in our memories.

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