Sunday, October 10, 2010

California is about to be Left Behind

When the political tsunami hits this country in just a little over 3 weeks there will be a few noteworthy stories on the victories of the Leftists. One will be right here in the failing state of California. So many strongholds of liberalism will be rocked and their once solid foundations undermined and exposed. But on the Left Coast California will stand apart as a monument to liberalism that may never be toppled.

After over 100 days without a budget the State politicians finally passed the latest version of smoke and mirrors and passing of the Buck to the next year(s). The Federal Government operating in much the same way is about to get corrected. The reason for that is the rest of the Country will provide the restraint as their way of life will be eroded right along with those who use the Government en masse. There is a quote about when the electorate can vote from the public treasury largesse for themselves you have effectively lost your Republic. That is where we are right now in the country at large and here in the once Golden State. The voters will figure out which way they want to go as a group.

Unfortunately California progressives are taking the path to decline as the Country as a whole is taking its turn back toward prosperity and sanity. This State may very well be a drag on the whole country as our population and GDP are equal or greater than many countries. We will be able to judge the seriousness of the California voter after November 2nd if Jerry Brown takes the Governorship and Barbara Boxer remains our US Senator. That will be my signal that this state may have to crash and burn completely before we regain our spot as the best State in this once great Nation. If I could realistically pick up and operate my business in any other State or country I would seriously consider doing it. I know we need people to remain loyal to where they were born and raised and work hard to fix the problems, but we are importing our demise faster than we are raising up a new generation to repair the damage. The exponential growth of this imbalance makes rebuilding almost impossible.

I know out of every problem a better answer will emerge. All we have to do is look what is happening on a National level with Obamas agenda and his unmasking, creating a refreshed Conservative Movement to offer US hope. The same will happen here in California.
Day always follows night.
Its always darkest right before the Dawn.
Soon we will know just how serious the people of California really are...

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