Friday, July 23, 2010

Pushing Racism

When Barack Obama was elected President of the United States we were supposed to be beyond racial divisions in this country. Instead what we get is race first with sub groups pitted against one another, divisions are springing up everywhere in every possible context. There are just too many race baiters out there who make a good living keeping racial tensions high, and too many politicians that pretend to serve minorities. Obama has been unable to transcend the race albatross I believe because he is where he is because of affirmative action, because of race. Would the politician pictured above have been elected holding the same qualifications as BHO? I think not... in fact, I know not!

Take Shirley Sherrod's recent firing for instance. Also the imbroglio surrounding the journolist and all the race ill-advised missteps the current administration has taken, take the hue and cry of racism every time opposition is expressed to Obama's Democrat led push onward toward the socialist utopia. What I see in Obama now is not so much the empty suit but as policy armor by which being part Kenyan American shields his incompetence and shields his directive re making America into a European style socialist Democracy. I can understand black Americans wanting a black President and aligning with a great American who happened to be American of African descent. There is a long history of injustice and group malignment and also unity and brotherhood from shared experience. But the Keynesian Kenyan is a socialist/statist first, and his policies are not helping minorities at all. I do not quite understand why 98% of all Black Americans would not stand behind a conservative Black politician too, except for the fact that the media would be against such a candidate from the outset and would destroy such a politician and would not be branded racist for doing so. Sooner or later the conservatives will put up a woman or an AfricanAmerican and then we shall see the the double standard flying high.

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