Sunday, June 06, 2010

Father Of Lies

Socialism represents the opposite of the traditional values that Christian (Western) Nations espoused as they ascended to the high place they now hold on the graph of civilizations.

Capitalism and free markets, defined borders and reality ensure competition that is fair and beneficial to all who honestly engage. The rules being the same for all who play, the giving in line with the taking, the Government only being a referee and an upholder of the system and rules. Why can't we all see that this is what it takes to engender prosperity and real freedom. For is not our time our most precious commodity? And what takes most of our time? Regulations, red tape, taxes, unfair competition and servicing bureaucracy.

Our leaders in Washington right now are turning US into a force that once (6-6-44) lived and died for an ideal, but will now fanagle and sue our way to an equality that is only guaranteed to lower all down to the lowest common denominator. We used to build things, do things, solve problems, and overcome all obstacles. Now we find a million reasons to fail. Now we are so progressive the only direction we feel is safe is backwards. We need to begin to feel we control our own fate, lets start by choosing Political leaders who can lead with a vision, not react when their dream is shattered by reality.

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