Saturday, June 19, 2010

Opposite Day

Every New Day in America we are treated with a new excuse and a reason for the failure of our Government. Systems failing, all over the world, the Western Way of cradle to Grave liberalism has brought our advancements to its knees. Only a matter of time now and the catalyst elected to usher in the big change will have completed the task of paving the way for the One World Government. 2012 is a stones throw away now, and look how the old way is crumbling beneath the feet of Big Governments' all around the world. Maybe the Mayans were on to something. Maybe we had it wrong, change is coming.
But what change??!!??

Warning to the World, if Obama cannot even get any legislation passed in the US Govt., with controlling majorities in both houses of Congress, how will he do as President of the World? It's the anti- Midas Touch!

Whats down is up and whats up is down anymore. We are practically being enticed into a mob mentality under our regime. For a President with the allure of unity all I see is the division of America along every possible line. Race , class, gender, geography, any difference is exploited to advance agenda politics. Its not America first anymore, its President, then party, then politicians then constituents, then who can be added in to that amalgamation, and lastly everybody else who does not agree with their version of moving forward. America has never been as divided as we are right now. I know the Democrats feel that Bush was against them, but they should honestly look at the record and the facts. Bush advanced the country as a whole as his first consideration. The things they disagree with him on ( like Iraq, like deficit spending, like bigger Government) they originally were for.

If Obama and the Democrat Party thinks this country can live without oil then I would love to watch them try. The obvious intelligent way to separate ourselves from our complete dependence on this natural resource is to create the new energy source first and begin the transition step by step. But abasing yourself and then saying look how horrible it is is a childish manipulative way to dramatize the down side of anything.

Seems like thats what we get with our immigration policy and our financial woes, the job market also seems to be illustrative not of a solution, but an exacerbation to reach a fulcrum point where we grasp at the strawmen our leaders present to US. Its not leading, this method that the Democrats have determined is the path they will take to lead US into their Utopia trap.

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