Sunday, May 23, 2010

In Obamas Face ~ Book...

The writing is on the wall. How much longer can Team O defy the will of the people? I would say November will be the termination of this kleptocrat end run around the wishes of our country.

If they can't see this and continue to try and cram junk down our throats we will know how bad we have been had. American people want border security, if the federal government is to do anything at all it should be to do stuff like help coordinate a massive oil spill clean up effort. We don't need or want Nanny O. Our peripheries are biting and and poking while we dither on how to be more like Europe, who just happens to be imploding right before our blind eyes.

Our enemies are gathering outside our gates and our emperor thinks he is Ken in a Barbie movie. Iran will be allowed to destabilize the middle east, and is already working underneath US alongside Russia and China with the help of Hugo Chavez. By the time we awaken I pray we are not in such a mess we live in muck for years like the gulf coast has been designated.

With every crisis an opportunity not to be lost, we are being tied up like Gulliver. The lilliputians of Big Government almost have us immobilized. Can't get our own resources, can't go to space, can't secure our border, can't put down a dinky gnat of a country who is trying to find a way to kill US, can't control our own greed, can't let our markets take their lumps, can't discipline our kids, can't just win a war we involve ourselves in, but we can elect a boondoggle, yes we can!

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