Friday, August 13, 2010

A Tool and a Fool

You can fool some of the people some of the time, but you can't fool all of the people all of the time. What politicians promise and what we get are usually on opposite ends of the spectrum, which is usually what happens when we put our faith in fellow man. Sometimes the players get played, and eventually the Faustian bargainers become grist for the mill.

Like a relationship between a man and a woman, trust must be in the center point balancing everything out. If the relationship starts with lies or is predicated on deception how can it ever progress into unconditional love, respect or admiration? The same hold true in our relationships with the Government and everyday people with whom we interact, like anyone selling anything, health care professionals, automotive repair people , people who work in on and around our homes, even people who serve us food. A free society is a society based on trust or it will crumble. Like paying our taxes, receiving assistance in the form of unemployment or welfare, filing an insurance claim, on and on and on...
Liars and cheats will have all the room they need to operate and usually you can't know until you have been had.

Politicians have mastered the art of talking out both sides of their mouths. Our society is shown that example by the ruling class that honesty is a means to an end and truth is relevant only as far as what it takes to gain whichever objective is in the periscope. So is it any wonder that now there is no longer pride in furthering a trade, only pride in material things? Now an honest days work for an honest days pay is a fools errand. The things that last like friendships and monuments have become just signposts on the way, stepping stones and markers of where we once were. Now we see its more about what people can get from one another, we used to care about how we treated our fellow man. We used to want the value that we gave to be equal to that which we received. Saving a buck at anyones expense has become the American way.

My most heartfelt prayer will always be to let honesty rule the day and lets all learn to deal with the ramifications of that. I can handle the truth if its the whole truth, there's really no other option but acceptance. I believe the times we are in now are just a trial for what is to come, a chance to prove our mettle and rise above pettiness and worldliness. A chance to be true.

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