Saturday, December 13, 2008

We Need to Believe

As the new ruler ascends to the throne we are encouraged to offer our support and trust. We must remain unified as a nation to build up our moral highground so our concessions to the world keep US above water. I have no doubt that President elect Obama plans on trading away some of our might for something he perceives as global unity. My fear is that he is either unaware or does not care that there are many in the world who do not wish US well no matter what we do. Obama thinks he is more persuasive than any enemy can resist. More reassuring than any dissentor's best arguments, and above all untidy political distractions. I want to believe Obama, I want to believe in the liberal way. It would be great if nobody was a crook, it would be nice if we all treated everybody with respect and kindness, just as we want to be treated ourselves. Then liberalism would work. But look at what is coming to our country, now its the Democrats turn to prove that politicians are all liars and swindlers and power mad. I am convinced that the power we cede to our political leaders corrupts them all equally and with no regard to party affiliation or their original idealism.

I want to believe that Barack Obama is above the muck and mire, I wanted to believe that George Bush was above all that, too. Its so easy to go negative when the politician immediately denies all contacts and associations, even as they are so readily available for all to witness . Its so hard to remain loyal to the hope that they are bigger than the ordinary, fallible, human being we annoint them to rise above. There are some natural human reactions we want our leaders to present, and some we want them to cloak, and others we want them to deny. That is why we depend on the press to do a thorough job of making it clear who the candidate really is. When the media has its own horse in the race we are lucky to get a clear picture. Unfortunately this time we did not get even close to knowing who Barack Obama really is. We will find out, and I for one am praying that if he is being deceptive, its the weak, faint-hearted liberals and news media world citizens who were deceived. They are the ones who will destroy our country as we know it, yet they are continually given a pass on bad judgement and mistakes, both accidental and purposeful.

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