Thursday, December 25, 2008

The Puppeteers and their Cast

I hate getting played, manipulated and led around by people who are self serving under the guise of 'reporting'. The Democrat Party won the elections of 2006 fair and square. The Republicans, and conservatives affiliated with the Republican Party were tossed from offices they had held for 12 years in majority. The country had good growth and some setbacks along the way but overall our trajectory was steadily upward. The Republicans somehow got lost and seperated from their principles that got them elected, and people stopped being enthusiastic about voting for lessers of the two evils, and 2006 happened and we got "change". Since 2006 we have seen our economy deteriorate rapidly and while we expect our elected representatives to legislate and govern all we have had is an effort to complete the undermining of President Bush. The war in Iraq was a hot button disagreement with Bush that was nuetralized when the surge succeeded and Iraq stabilized. Something had to be done to tarnish Bush and complete the Democrat victory. The economy was an easy target, simply because it was a house of cards waiting to be shaken. A Democrat victory could be guaranteed if the economy were to falter, and the newsmedia was unquestionably favoring Obama over McCain. So the stories about doom and gloom in the economy have been front and center for all to see and share in the pain and anxiety. I do not understand how the Democrat congress and Senate get a pass on the last 2 years. They have been in charge and Bush has been a lame duck. They set the agenda and could have made policy that would guide US through the impending down cycle that started in 2007 and continued right through the election year. Obama always says they (meaning the US government)were irresponsibly de-regulating financial and housing and energy policies that started the downward spiral we are still caught in. As if he had no ability to stand up and make the problems known or addressed. As if only Bush was privvy to control the direction we were heading. I guess running for President absolved him of all responsibility to exercize his leadership ability which we are now supposed to have faith in as our one great hope. I get the feeling this whole "crisis" has been exacerbated to bring about the change, and now all we can do is hope that when Obama steps into the oval office January 20 2009 that the media will start to try and become positve and optimistic, and that they have as much power to control the mood of the country for good as they do for evil.

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