Thursday, September 18, 2008

The Left's Rage Exposed

The Liberals and Leftists who hate George W. Bush have refocused their enmity upon Sarah Palin now. With enough invective to stir a pot the size of Lake Ponchartrain these defenders of privacy and due process are smearing anything in the way of their grab for power. I am certain one of these demented demagogues pet peeves is habeas corpus and the 'illegal' wiretapping of terrorist communications. Yet they turn right around and go ten steps worse than anything they could have dreamed that the Bush regime would do.
Go figure.

I know this is more than likely a fringe wacko and nowhere near the Obama campaign, but I think it would serve all well if Obama acknowleded these loonies are on his side and in the spirit of a new kind of politics or the change he is promising, he denounced these things as contemptible. I know there are many Liberals who also shudder at this kind of hysterical mania that is creeping closer to the heart of the Democrat Party. It's unworthy of anything we would look to as helpful to bring about the reform that is sorely needed from the campaign to the inauguration.

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