Tuesday, September 02, 2008

'If my Daughter makes a Mistake I dont want her Punished with a Baby'

Compare that quote from the pro-abortion candidate for President, Barack Obama, to the statement by the Palin's that the left wingers are trying to spin into golden hypocrisy. 'As Bristol faces the responsibilities of adulthood, she knows she has our unconditional love and support'. The truth is the conservative Christian position for life cannot be condensed into a soundbite or any individuals statements or situation. We believe all life is sacred and therefore falls under the bill of rights protection of Life, Liberty, and the pursuit of happiness. Those who seek to tear down the Republicans will smear anyone who gets in their way. If they have an issue with Governor Palin that would be one thing, but they are stepping in quicksand with the families and life issues they are attempting to raise. There is no scandal in this 17 year old ending up pregnant, it is unfortunate that she is so young but maybe this baby was meant to be born now. We can never know all of God's providences, but I am sure many left wingers and liberals have dealt with this very same challenge. If we all waited until we were perfectly ready to have children there would be very few children born at all. After all, its a liberal mindset that encourages youngsters who are not married to have sex and then planned parenthood has the solution. Is that the liberal scandal here, no abortion? Governor Palin's family is actually living out their pro life beliefs, so more power to them. And more power to the left wing kooks who are trying to influence people by digging up dirt on the children of their political opponents. This tactic will surely backfire in the end. As one of the independent voters out there I certainly have decided, and on this one issue alone I choose life, and the candidte supporting life. With real hypocrisy swirling around their candidate it seems funny that they have to invent something to try and besmirch their opponent.


gregcalac said...

Johnny, To his credit, candidate Obama was interviewed in Wisconsin yesterday and he disavowed any knowledge or intent to bring Bristol Palin into the Presidential campaign. In fact, I was quite impressed with what and how he stated his position. He also reminded the reporters present that his mother had him when she was only 18! He left off the part about not being married, and I'm not saying that was the case, but in the context of what he had just been talking about, it was certainly implied.

Democrats have previously made the issue of sex a topic that they believe should be left out of politics, unless, of course, it's a Republican engaging in it! They vigorously defended Billy-Bob Clinton when he was caught stepping out on Hilary with a subordinate intern. How despicable is that? And then he lied to not only the American people, but to a Grand Jury as well in his attempt to cover his shame. But libs still stuck by their man and insisted that sex is a private matter that has nothing to do with a persons ability to govern well.

Well.......then I suppose if you follow that logic there's no need to concern ourselves over Bristol Palin mucking things up in Washington D.C. if her mother becomes the V.P. of the nation.

I think the problem the libs have with this Palin case is the fact that they've come out and acknowledged that their daughter is not married and pregnant, and that she's also going to keep the baby rather than run out and have a quiet abortion so the issue will quickly go away. You know that just chaps their hides!

What will be very interesting to watch is the response of the undecided voting bloc. Only the crazies on the Left will try to push this issue forward from here, especially after Obama came out yesterday and said he would FIRE anyone in his campaign caught further politicizing this topic. But the crazies won't give up on it and I believe their efforts will simply backfire in their faces! More undecided voters will identify with the Palin family as this story is dragged further into the gutter by extremists from the Left. When McCain and Palin are seated in the White House next January, they'll only have themselves to blame!

JohnnyT. said...

yeah I know Obama doesn't want to touch this one with a 10' pole. Not just because it's a political loser, but I think Obama is a decent man, deep down. He is just caught up in trying to be everything to everyone. That works for the gullible and those who wish to be deceived, but those of us who see the danger of this mentality are right to be wary.