Tuesday, November 04, 2008

Let's Get Out and Vote

At least everybody that feels the conservative pathway is the one that will lead our Nation forward. Let the apathetic stay home, let the disaffected complain and do nothing, this is the day for everybody to stand up and be polled by the only poll that matters. If all conservative voters got out and voted their conscience with informed thoughtful reasonings and knew the issues and candidates thouroughly we could move this country forward. I am disappointed that when the Republicans had the majorities they spent their time trying to increase those majorities and destroy opponents. When they could have given good evidence that conservative values and ideals work for a better country. Now the Democrat party is at that very same juncture and more than likely they will fritter their staus away the same. Or they will overreach and throw the pendulum back the other direction again. In times like these we need stability and we need leadership to advance ideas that move US forward. We need unity as a country and I fear divisiveness will forever be a part of our national fabric until there is war within or without. Or some other calamity that can show US we are all on the same team after all.

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gregcalac said...


What the heck are you doing up at 4:30AM?

I haven't gone to the polls just yet, but I'll make my way over there in a few minutes. I only have to walk about two hundred yards to my polling place.

I also wonder the same about Democrats; will they "fritter away" whatever opportunity they might be handed after today? I've got to believe they will.

I follow blogs from different publications, and the common theme from liberals is anger. They have a lot of anger pent up inside and most of that anger is directed at George Bush specifically, and Republicans and conservatives in general. Too bad. They're missing the mark.

My one constant question to liberals is whether they feel the social programs inflicted upon us by the government over the past 30 years have made our society better or worse? If those programs have made American society better, then why do we still need them?

Take care, we'll talk after the results are in tonight or tomorrow.