Saturday, November 15, 2008


I had a dream last night that I met Barack Obama. He was a very nice guy and we even had a few words together. At first he thought I was a groupie Obamanaic, I think, because I extended my hand to him and he signed it. I was about to tell him I was a Republican when I corrected myself and said 'I am an independent and I didn't vote for you.' I cant recall if he even said anything there but I then told him I was praying for him. He looked taken aback a little and told me thank you. Then he said he got chills from that moment and I did too, it was very interesting. Then he went on his way, it was some outdoor harvest Halloween event. I was doing my thing there, too, and a little later I saw him again and asked him for his autograph for my daughter, I figured since he was in a signing mood... He obliged and went to this rack of drying paintings of halloween scenes and took the one he painted and wrote to John T. and signed it. I thought that was so cool, but the paint was still drying so I had to hold it carefully and couldn't roll it up. Well as I was looking for my daughter a young man, couldn't have been much more than 18 was with a few friends and he wanted to take the painting from me. He didn't know that it had the future Presidents signature on it but I thought he was being ridiculous anyway and I told him so. He persisted and started getting physical so I told him I would fight him for it but I wouldn't give it to him. It was for my daughter. He obliged and so I found a safe place to put down the painting and we squared off. Right then I woke up, right before my alarm would have gone off anyway. I was looking forward to how that scene would have turned out. In my dreams I am kind of a tough guy in those situations, he would have been in a lot of trouble. Oh well, I wanted to write it all down because it was vivid, interesting, and unlike any of my usual dreams. Plus I woke right up and remembered it well.
What would Freud think?


gregcalac said...


In dreams I'm usually a tough guy as well. I can't see any reason to be otherwise since it is my own fantasy, after all!

I've been in so many fights (in my dreams) that I'm not even surprised anymore when my opponents simply stand there and take punch after punch in the face. I've been in a few real fights in my time as well; never got my ass kicked in any of them. But, neither am I prone to fits of rage very easily so when I do fight I usually get the upper hand rather quickly due to my blind anger at that moment.

Interesting dream about B.O.

JohnnyT. said...

Hi Greg

Yeah I thought the part of the dream that struck me was when he signed my hand as I reached out to shake his... Kinda weird, made me think of taking a mark. I figure Obama may not be 'the man',but his followers strange desire to deify him even though they are irreligous for the most part is something I find unnerving. What that says about our countries state of being scares me. We are ripe to be taken advantage of right now, and all the theories of how Bush would claim a dictatorship are about to be disproven as these very same people open themselves up to the same.

I used to have a lot more confrontation and battles in my dreams than recent times and that too, I thought, was worth noting because it came out of nowhere so to speak. And it was cut short too!