Wednesday, November 05, 2008

Barack has promised you the Moon

But what can he deliver? A block of Government cheese? To each according to his needs?

I want to congratulate the Democrats for their big win, and I am praying our country doesn't lurch to the left. But coming back to the right is a pendulum swing away and that seems to be the way we go now. Obama has a chance to unite US, he promised he was the one to find bipartisan agreements, I want to see that. Bipartisanship in the liberals and the national medias eyes is always the conservatives making concessions, let's never forget that conservatism is holding the line, traditional values and not forgetting where we have come from. That is probably why the Republicans lost, because that is exactly what they did. They moderated and then got to become part of the system that they were appointed to reform. I just don't understand though, if we throw out the Republicans for becoming part of the big Government machine why do we elect Democrats who promise to become part of that same collective, freedom-choking monster?

And at some point I will either link to or make a list of all Barack Obamas promises to the people and see how he follows through or attempts to follow through on everything that was said to seize this election. I think it will be very important for the American people to see that when their votes are bought with promises they get their moneys worth.

And one last thing, let US not forget the $ amount that Obama put out to buy this Presidency, I know its over 600 million dollars, and that doesn't even count what it takes to buy the Mainstream media. So if you're telling your children they can grow up to be the President, if you are not Bill Gates Jr. or the next Warren Buffet, the kids better be working on their alliances from an early age. There are not too many novelties left now, but I imagine they will all be tried. If the situation were reversed and there was a Democrat sitting president and Republicans had done what Obama has done with the fund raising and opting out of public money and taking illegal contributions there would have been an absolute furor. I believe it wasn't all that long ago that was the issue. We didn't like the way money was corrupting our politics. Well, when money buys the desired result, I suppose its all good.

Enough sour grapes for me though. I was on the side that chose the weaker political candidate this time. I will not get bitter and this blog won't turn into a daily mocking and rant on President Obama. Life goes on and if things get that bad I can always try to leave the country. Right now it feels as if my country has left me, but I know the times are a changin' and world events are speeding to some conclusions. I put my fate in God's hands and pray for all my elected representatives, even (especially)those with whom I do not agree. Two years is not so far away and should the left foot stumble, hopefully our right foot will be ready to stride forward. I don't want to already be thinking about more elections because it is becoming quite tiresome. Let US live free and praise God for this day.

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