Saturday, November 01, 2008

Here they come with both barrels

Aiming for the conservatives spirits. We are supposedly glum while Obamas backers are gleeful? With the race tightening I am sure Obamas backers are worried, but that story line admits there is a race and in order to suppress the conservative turnout the media/Obama team must stress the inevitability of an Obama win on Tuesday. I expect every story written between now and Tuesday morning to be slanted toward an inevitable Obama presidency, complete with illustrations of his centrist acumen, ability to lead, no references to who he would appoint to the supreme court, how he will gain the defeat the defeat they want to pin on Bush in Iraq. With Israel and Iran right on the new horizon we will be assured that President Obama will be able to heal the Middle East along with the rest of the planet. Suddenly the economy will start to heal itself, with all the good will flowing around the world and in all of Americas now healed racist, greedy, bleeding hearts.

I also expect the already slanted coverage to continue against McCain Palin. I just wish that the liberals and the media elitists would be honest about liberalism and their own positions. Then I would be able to accept better a possible electorate defeat. But when the lies and coverups are so blatant and the people so obviously uninformed I think we deserve the right to have a straight up coverage of what is happening and who all these politicians really are. But we will wait until after Obama is elected and then the grime will seep out little by little and as Biden said we will have to stand behindf the neophite after he blunders, but we will have change America, and we will have to live with it, too. Four years can seem like a long time when you want to change back.

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gregcalac said...


Don't let them wear you down. Although our state is solid blue, that doesn't mean we need to be.

There are still good reasons to get out and vote!

The thing that's truly amazing to me is how much money has been spent on this election. The only thing worse is the duration of the campaigning! It seems like we've never been out of campaign mode since the 2006 mid-term elections.

I know the president's approval rating is as low as a snake's belly, but Congress is even lower! My hope is that voters will realize where the biggest failure has occurred and punish those guys/gals more than the president.