Sunday, November 02, 2008

Don't Come To My Party Late

Sometimes things in the world at large just work themselves out. Or so you would think, but for the fact that the underlying problem is still there waiting again to resurface. Our nation has been safe for the last 7 years, well probably not "safe", some have been killed in a variety of tragic accidents and violent crimes. But overall we have not been attacked since September 2001 on our shores. There are reasons for that, some serendipitous and others because of applied vigilance and threat awareness. But because we have not been attacked again does not mean that the same people are not still out there. More than likely, more Islamascists than were here on September 10,2001 are here, lying in wait for US to let down our guard again and sneak in another sucker punch. Our citizenry is self obsessed and now all we see is an economic protraction and our first Black President. Threats are not going to go away just because we lose our focus, they are actually being invited by such indifference.

We have not done enough to secure our southern border and neither candidate for the highest office in the land has even given that problem a passing glance. There are millions of unassimilated illegal aliens in our midst compounding this recession, but we can only focus on Barack Obamas auntie? Our priorities are so skewed that it will take years (Obamas first term?)to see which way is up. Now the recession has slowed the flow of illegal immigrants from across the border, so that problem has solved itself? I think not, it will just wait until the economy starts to roll again and then they will continue the invasion. They are probably still coming because the recession that will hit Mexico and points southward will feel worse than earning peanuts in America. Too bad for the American workers trying to struggle their way out of this pit our politicians have shown US where to dig for ourselves. The lessons we learn had better be committed to our long term memory. I am so afraid certain segments of our population cannot even factor this equation: A+B=C. So how will they remember or even possibly know how we brought this trouble down upon ourselves?

Politicians get all the credit and most of the blame for everything that happens. They get the blame because they are always trying to take credit, and they cast the blame back and forth like they are playing tennis. It is slightly unfortunate for Barack Obama that these gas prices have come down a few weeks too soon. It would have been a perfect first act of the new Messiah to deliver relief at the pump. Now all he can do is appease the environmentalists and deny the need to get our own supply of oil. Obviously we dont need it any more right? Nothing could possibly come along and spike the prices again. Like confrontation with Iran. Or coming to Israels aid in a broader middle east conflict, or Russia failing to live up to the agreements they made in regard to Georgia. The only plan Obama has for Hugo Chavez and creeping South American communism is to import their education philosophies. And the fifth column, trying to destroy our country from within, will probably get a seat at Obamas round table.

The only choice that makes sense is for Americans to wake up and elect John McCain president. If Barack Obama is to be our first Black President I would like to see him have more than a half term as a US Senator and take some stands on issues instead of hiding behind a 'present' vote. I think the major US media outlets have done US a disservice to have investigated Sarah Palin and Joe the plumber more than Barack Obama and his political alliances. For a man named Barack Hussein Obama to have come out of nowhere and come this close to the Presidency without the electorate having a full picture of who he really is in times like these is practically self destructive by half of Americas voters. Just because they want to fundamentally change our country doesn't mean we have comply by going along with their suicide by Islam theory on how to get US the "change" they desire.

If its the best Obama can do is to paint McCain as an extension of the Bush administration, guilt by association, why aren't his own associations also being scrutinized. Let the American people know who really has worked within, without, and even against his own party in times of necessity and personal conviction. John McCain has taken numerous stands and is what you see he is. He has sacrificed a lot in service to our country. Obama on the other hand blames our country first, McCain will put our country first. In two days will will see if the American people abandon wisdom for madness.

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