Friday, November 21, 2008

World NewsWatch November 21, 2008

Trends we will likely see as Barack Obama takes over the Rulership of America, Militarily we will be weakened Democrats have said they would like to cut the military budget by 25%. The world will like US more when we are nuetralized. Since that is a major focus of where B.O. would like to take US, well...

At least we will have the Civilian Defense Corps, or whatever Barack will call his brownshirts.

Obama ran on change and purposefully left it vague. Conservatives and republicans were rightfully concerned and we said change, from what? to what? Now we know , we are changing back to the Clinton administration. Hallelujah you may say? the 90's were roaring? Well in the 90's the liberal tendencies of Clinton were held in check by the Republican house and Senate gains of '94. We won't get those checks and balances this time unfortunately and there is no technological boom coming to save the day. We will be stuck with Obamas policies and the Liberal Democrat way of managing our economy, trouble ahead. But hey I am willing to give socialism a try, I think we are halfway there anyway and it seems we have all the dog eat dog characteristics of capitalism and the socialism we sprinkle on top helps the upper crust and the poor. There is nothing out there for the monkey in the middle. Everybody says that socialism will bring on laziness and other negative consequences, but I would love to have a Government job and I already have a work ethic that my conscience wont let me abandon. Even Government health care is better than none. Maybe there can be some reform of insurance and social security under the umbrella of socialism. I only fear if we did go down that road only the political class would have a better life, and maybe the dirt poor who do not and would not work anyway. All I would like is a little security, but maybe we are not supposed to have it as easy as we would like. Oh my goodness I am starting to sound like a liberal. Next.

Somebody has to do it. It's good to know that the U.N. gave India the go-ahead. I wonder what they will allow the Obama administration to go do?

Heres a little insignificant side bar but I can't resist. When I was about 10 years old I knew all the rules and kept up to date on them throughout my interest in the NFL. Which has waned as the players change teams, get so rich they become out of touch, and really ~you realize~ maybe they are not all that smart.

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