Tuesday, July 08, 2008

Where Hope Comes From Doesn't Change

Life and circumstances change with the climate. Hopes and dreams can become reality in any season and at any time. The secret is to stay available for the opportunity to knock, and then answer. Its too bad my anxiety twists me up and robs me of my ability to live in the moment and enjoy life even as I am battling through the trials. In my life it seems like good things come here a little there a little and my trouble comes in troughs and piles on top of me. I pray for an even keel and rarely do I seem to get any smooth sailing. I guess its my destiny that when, even when the glass is half full I will wonder why its not all full? I know I am blessed in so many ways and the blessings keep coming in, I just wonder why my luck never holds out. I must just take for granted when things are going good and not notice that it is good. I wish I could snap out of these doldrums and live free.
Sooner or later I must, because being happy depends on it, and I intend to be happy.

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