Wednesday, July 30, 2008

Who's saying Obama's Osama's Guy?

The messiah is in, now He is out. He will raise taxes without a doubt.
He is committed to green and will not get our own oil.
Prefers tough love on energy,and bankrolling dictators thoughtlessly.
His radical Liberal friends cause me to recoil
We cant pin this guy down on even a mundane issue
Can we elect this 1st term Senator who doesn't have a clue?


gregcalac said...

I have to admit it really bothers me when the Obama crowd derides Senator McCain's service in the Navy as well as his time spent in the Hanoi Hilton as a prisoner during the Viet Nam war. If they truly believe their man is capable of running the country better than the Sen. from AZ, then they should simply show-case his attributes and not attempt to "swift-boat" John McCain. It's really not going to work to their advantage to tear down a true American hero because McCain's record is out there to easily substantiate for even the laziest of amateur investigators.

But, to your point; Barack Obama is someone who has done nothing, changed on many positions previously held, been known to seek advice from sources that the average American would consider at least "marginal", and he is black.

I'm not a racist in the sense that I hate blacks for simply being black, but I do know they have a very different view of the world we live in to a point beyond irritation and amusement. American blacks have been beaten their entire lives with the notion that they are victims who deserve some type of restitution for simply showing up black! Many in the so-called-black-leadership are taking these people down a path to personal destruction by feeding them this constant lie. Everyone of us want good things and an easy life, but the average American black person is looking for a perpetual hand-out from "whitey"!

Enter Barack Obama. He would seem to be their savior, and that's either true, or it's a delusional lie that no one has the guts to refute lest he loose a large segment of the black vote he's counting on in November.

Does electing a black president guarantee better days ahead for American blacks? How could it? If you consider that many blacks are still angry about the oppression they perceive "whitey" has bestowed upon them, then they are in for a real disappointment if Obama is elected. In order to win this contest, Barack Obama will have to spread himself and his loyalties around so thin in order to repay a broad-base of support needed to win the presidency, that there won't be much left for the militant among his race.

What would be really refreshing would be if Mr. Obama would refute the message that American blacks are somehow owed something by the present generations of whites and bring the message of personal responsibility to young blacks. A dynamic black candidate who would truly like to lead his people out of the darkness wouldn't be going along with the same tired message that people of color are owed anything more than the opportunity to educate themselves and have access to the same institutions as whites.

When a black man comes along spouting that message, then you'll have my attention! Until then, this same old "whitey done me wrong" bleating is not going to sway me or many other average Americans to get too excited about a black presidential candidate.

Barack Obama hasn't shown me he is ready to kick American blacks into the 21st century by telling them the truth about how to get ahead and compete in this world. That's my litmus test for a black presidential candidate in America and Obama has failed it, so far!

gregcalac said...

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