Sunday, August 17, 2008

Political Winds of Change

Nancy Pelosi has decided to allow a vote on offshore drilling because she can see the polling has turned in favor of this direction. The Democrats have continually been a day late on their issues and yet have somehow persuaded the American people to cut them slack when their footdragging has cost our economy billions. Now San Fran Nan will step in and claim credit for the groundbreaking deal. Although I am almost certain that there will be so many regulations and governmental red tape the whole deal will just be another election year show.

I don't know any conservatives who are in favor of pollution or unchecked greed. All we want is for our economy to stay strong enough that as many as possible can experience the American dream. As many legal naturalized Americans, that is. If we need more citizens all Americans should be in favor of doing it orderly, and with legal protection, especially for all of US who are already citizens. Congress' approval rating is standing at 9%, that cannot be only the Republicans. That has to be all congress. And that is a worse rating than George Bush who is the Leftists and the Medias favorite scapegoat.

John McCain will apologize for just about anything that is said near his campaign in regards to Barack Obama. I personally like the phrase Obama Nation. I think that is right about where we could be if we elect a man with this little experience to run our country. I am sure a lot would be delegated out to subordinates, but who would these subordinates be?? Obama has proven to be pretty naive with his assocaitions in the distant and recent past. He can distance himself from any and all contacts but he still has to lead US with a vision and a direction of his own. He cannot figure that one out because every time someone is vetted they are exposed as another hypocrite who hates and blames America first. All these Democrat positions always seem to have to be redefined and explained because once examined people see they're senseless and misguided and generally seeking to obscure facts more than to clarify positions. Obama to me is really more of a puppet of the Democrat machine and I can see him getting in his office and being told what to do. I wonder if when that happened he would rebel and become his own man or honor all those who have put him into this office. A pinnacle he could not have acheived all by himself with his flimsy resume'. I know every President has to adhere to a party hierarchy and platform of positions that are not entirely their own but we elect a person we feel we can trust, and I am not sure even the staunchest supporters of Barack Obama could say they know his positions and feel they can trust him.

Barack Obama can try to tie McCain to Bush all he wants, but we could then turn around and tie Obama to the pacifists and leftists who are thrilled at the prospect of an Obama Presidency. McCain has held many positions longer than Bush has been president, like being against abortion and for having a vigorous national defense. But on some issues McCain has come to the party a day late too, like our Borders and getting our own supply of oil and natural gas here as opposed to enabling dictators and thugs to dominate the market. But all in all I will take a guy who eventually comes around to where I think as opposed to a guy who will try to trick me into believing he is on my side along with every one else. In the end it will all boil down to who can we trust? Obama has his work cut out just to find a position he can sell and McCain must find the people that he wants to hear his pitch. The newsmedia would do our country a great service if they just put it out there and slanted it right down the middle, so we could make up our own minds on who we can trust. And on one thing I am sure is that we cannot trust the media.

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