Thursday, October 02, 2008

Standing at the Precipice?

Are we really, as the news media and politicians are telling US, at the edge of a cliff and looking down? Because if they know something we don't know and that could really happen, why are there stories about Steve Fossets remains and The pork in the bailout bill as if it's business as usual and we can just point and counterpoint our way to a legislative utopia? Old stories that have a conclusion that is irrelevant, and going toward stories that are in the heart of the matter but taking a partisan or adversarial tack won't help educate the public about what the real position we are in actually is. I don't really care who is in Major league baseball playoffs, and The pirates off Somalia should probably just get blown out of the water. Either we are really getting ready for financial armegeddon or the politicians and their media mouthpieces are managing the populace with yet another crisis called wolf.

I believe if there really is that much of an impending train wreck in our economy how could our elected representatives take a day off for Rosh Hahsana. I would work through new year to save the country, wouldn't you? And they werent even all observing the Holy day, just taking what they were allotted. It is all these little things that turn my stomach on the politicians. They are always out to serve themselves first even in a crisis. When they are debating they take potshots at others instead of telling US how they themselves view the issues and would govern. I have a hard time believing there really is a crisis out there, and if there is, we should all take the politicians out to the grave they have dug US and make them look in. They will certainly see that they will be there, too. And the media can tell the rest of the world what happened.

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