Wednesday, October 22, 2008

McCain Needs To Let US Know Where We Stand

John McCain should be the next President of the United States, by all accounts he has given more to this country than any other politician who ran this year. McCain was not my first or second choice on the conservative side, however, but when going against either Hillary Clinton or Barack Obama he seems to be head and shoulders above in the ability to lead our country where I would like to see US go.

I have heard not a peep out of the McCain campaign on the illegal immigration issues that are vexing our nation. His stance on more Government is break even at best. The socialism he accuses Obamas policies of espousing are not unlike his own. We are getting a lighter or a juiced up version of liberalism with either one of these candidates. We are once again left with the choice of the lesser of two evils. But McCain does believe in the sanctity of life, a strong national defense, and reigning in spending. And these are all in total agreement with me. The Republicans have exiled themselves but conservatism will continue onward, without them if necessary.

If it weren't for the newsmedia selling everybody on their victimhood, and our governments ability to redress these hurts, we would see a lot more self reliance in our populace. The blame game that goes on in political circles goes on everywhere where people have a hard time taking responsibility for their own actions. We all know where we personally lost sight of our ideals and started chasing something that was contrary to what we knew was right, we cannot go back in time but now is our time to learn the tough lessons.

We must unite but Barack Obama does not seem like he can bridge the gap. Our country was united after 9/11 but the liberals began the partisan bickering anew. George W. Bush did more for the liberals causes than any other 'conservative' would have dared, but look where that got him. His own side became disillusioned and his political adversaries became even more rabidly unhinged, thereby creating his historically low approval rating. Obama's rhetoric has always condescended toward his political rivals, his glib, air-of-superiority style leaves me feeling he has absolutely nothing in common with a guy like me. He claims to be fighting for guys like me as he talks down at me with all that reverb in his sound system. He has no idea how the things that he would pin on me are the things that are killing me. His open borders ideals have destroyed my trade, his tax policies will kill my motivation to work harder, his ideas on national defense may even kill US all. His endorsement of and by the trial lawyers assures me that a large and ever growing percentage of my income must go to insurance against such vultures. Maybe his health care will save me if it doesnt just kill the medical industry as a whole. He would rather I stayed mired in a middle class that will increasingly lose ground as opposed to gaining a few rungs up the ladder.

If either McCain or Obama would propose and wholeheartedly endorse a flat tax, or a visionary mortgage and housing saving plan like 40 year mortgages, they would probably win and win with ideas and policy as opposed to destroying their opponent. That would be a win we could all celebrate.

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