Thursday, June 12, 2008

A Setback for the Whitehouse?

The news reports state the supreme court activism in todays decision was a setback for the President, the administration, or conservatism in general. I see it just a little more in depth, I see it as a setback for the rule of Law and Order, a setback for all Americans, and a victory for Terrorists captured in battle. The Geneva conventions are afforded to armies and soldiers who follow those rules. How can we give protections to combatants who have no ethical code of conduct, no flag, no country, and no mercy for anyone whom they may capture? I am afraid our very decency is what will be our demise in the end. I see it as a conundrum that the political parties who are supposed to be working together, see political points scored as more important than upholding their sworn duty to protect our country and defeat the enemies of the free world.
Where do they think the logical end of this decision will reside? It's not as if our court system is not already burdened by a whole lot of wasted time, frivolous lawsuits, appeals and continuances ad naseum, and miscarried justice. I guess when we look back at this Presidential election that will be where we either lose the battle or hold our ground on reigning in the judicial Activists that would overcome the ability of we the people to have a say in our Laws. For the next President of the United States will most likely have the opportunity to appoint 3 justices who will either be strict constructionists whe revere the constitution or activists who will take it upon themselves to legislate from the bench Laws and dictates that would never pass Democratically held elections.
I believe the appointment of supreme court judges to be the linch pin in where our country goes in the election of 2008. Think about it before you cast a vote for hope and change to a guy who can't even surround himself with decent law abiding people who really love this country. The hipocrisy that swirls around Barack Obama will only be magnified as he gets elected President of the United States.
Another thing I have noted is that the news articles that talk of releasing these criminals never state that a certain percentage end up back on the battlefield. I wonder why?

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