Thursday, June 05, 2008

D Day

Lets go back 64 years and see what happened then. And where we have come to get to our present day situation. I try to watch one of my all time favorite movies every year on this grim anniversary. Saving Private Ryan is an Amazing tale of bravery and heroism, revolving around the invasion of Normandy June 6, 1944. Steven Spielberg captured all of the horrors and heroics of a battle that had to be won. I cannot imagine how those soldiers went on and defeated that enemy. So many didn't finish the task, but it took all of them to complete that mission, especially those who died, they put down their lives so others could do what they had to do. That was the nature of that kind of warfare, so many tragedies, so much wasted lives. It makes me sad for the loss but so very proud of the honorable sacrifice, words cannot express my gratitude. We owe our way of life to what others have done and continue to do even to this very day. That kind of bravery is something I hold in the highest regard, it somehow makes sense in a senseless kind of way.
Throughout all time we humans have had wars, it seems as inevitable as the seasons. But to be fighting on the right side of the war is the key. I can see defending your homeland or other people, what I cannot see is going to war to conquer and take something thst belongs to someone else. So tere is always something justifiable and somethings not justifiable about war. I wonder if it has something to do with the transmigration of souls in and out of the earth plane. Why does it have to happen? Where does the impetus come from for leaders to lead their people out to where there is danger and death for so many? I know the answer but I still wonder why and how these kings answer the call of the Devil to go out and create war. And in this day and age we cannot sit back and wait for an overt sign, all signs and antagonistic rhetoric must be taken as seriously as a heart attack.

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