Tuesday, February 10, 2009

Words of Hope..., for a Change?

The American people voted in Barack Obama because they felt like Washington insiders had run our country into a ditch. The call was for change, a new way of doing things, no more lobbyists, no more cronyism, hope for our country and change to better days.

The reality is we got shnookered by a used car salesman, Obama's new way in Washington is the old way(Clinton 3). The change is from semi-competent, semi-literate leadership to total incompetence and sugar coated empty rhetoric and campaign slogans even after the election is won and the Governing commenced. Lobbyists and crooks and tax cheats still fill the top positions and we are basically hiring the ones who messed things up to correct the problem. I get a feeling Chris Dodd, Barney Frank and Charlie Rangel will try to cover up their complicity in the mortgage meltdown way before they try to help a single homeowner stay in their home. When our country really needed reassurance the lefties threaten US with calamity and catastrophe if we dont enact the big government solutions they have perscribed and fought for, and enacted, as best they could, for the last 60 years. We are out of the ditch and about to go over the cliff.

Unfortunately, the conservative party had a chance and failed to show the American people what lower taxes and reduced Government spending could do to create a better, more just society where everyone worked hard to pull their own weight. The choices people feel we have now are spending and more spending, and a Government that will continue to grow. And half the electorate will be ok with any Government, because in a 2 party system if you dont lose you win.

I did hear Obama say that he was an eternal optimist, but unfortunately it rang hollow as a throwaway banter line more than a sincere assessment of how he intends to lead. I think our economy and national psyche needs a shot of true optimism, true postive Reaganesque belief in this Country's ability to quickly get through this trouble with American ingenuity and grit and determination. I am afraid Obama will always hedge his insecurity with the blame game, and he will continually be forced to lower expectations because he promised US the moon. He can be sincere, he must be optimistic, he must lead.

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