Friday, March 28, 2008

Immigration Infestation

Governor Shwarzenegger likes playing semantics with policies, and twisting up the Reporters like a pretzel, it appears. As Republican Lawmakers have proposed a rollback of benefits for illegal Immigrants to save the State money, nearly 2 dozen bills this week in the State Assembly. The State of California is being crushed by overspending once again. Times were"Good" so we had to have more Governmental spending, of course. It appears some of the largesse was appropriated toward "Migrants" re(Illegal Aliens). Our friends who helped us overbuild and out pace the Boom, so a few could make bazillions, and a lot would be happy just to have a job in a America and then a few more could watch their hopes and dreams evaporate into the unfair competition. I suppose we had to build our house of cards up so high and fast so our state portfolio would look good enough to jack up our budget and give our little Kingmakers the euphoria of spending in the billions. And our Great Governator A steed to ride in the rodeo, and a chance to show off to Maria and Her Royal Family. Well Arnie says it's a "Big Mistake" to blame illegal immigrants for the states looming 8 $Billion budget gap. Yes it is a mistake to "Blame " them they are just following the path of least resistence to the trough of most lucrativity. But that is not what the bill sets out to do, Blame anyone. The bill is to cut off the money for these people who have no right to be in our Country. They are always talking about the Peoples Republic of California's underfunded School System, right? Are we to pay services for illegal aliens at the expense of our schools, roads, hospitals, and prisons?Why not, right? If it weren't for the cheap illegal alien labor out there we would not have anything at all, right? If you pave the road, take down all the obstacles, and make someone comfortable, they will break the law to enjoy it all, and they will stay until they suck up all the goodies. They will leave when there is nothing left for them here. But unfortunately 12, 15, 18 million can suck up a lot of resources. A lot of businesses will go out because of this reliance. Unfortunately a lot have already gone under because of the alliance. I thought the Liberals always were in search of "fairness". I guess skin color, sob stories, and lawbreaking big money, trump homegrown little guys, who are also just trying to survive.

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JohnnyT. said...

Since I posted this this morning they have changed the Title of the article in the Sacramento Bee. It was "Governor won't pin deficit on migrants." well, go to the link and it says.... "Governor won't pin deficit on Illegal Aliens". Wow, how is that for proof positive that there is a conspiracy between the Liberal Press and the Liberal elected officials, even the Republican Governor. They already changed the story to cover their @sses. This was obviously a Hot Button story, just looking at the number of comments already coming into SacBee .com/. I would vote for a split in our country. There could be a liberal half and a conservative half. Then we could see which side would prosper. Of course the Liberal half would save money by not having a military, but the conservative half would drill for oil and sell it to the Liberals for 150$ a barrel. Of course we would save their butts, but their little EUtopia would crumble anyway. It's an interesting idea I may try to write a novel about someday.