Sunday, March 23, 2008


I should not Rant on a Holy Day, but some things are necessary to point out.

Like Googles inability to acknowledge the Holiest Day in Christianity. They gave us shamrocks and Turkeys and Pumpkins, and Fireworks icons but no Bunny? No colored Eggs? Thanks for that Google. But nothing at all? I would not expect a cross from you to save your Lives. But there is a reason stores are closed and everybody takes the Day off. It is a glaring omission that speaks volumes about where the Yahoo's at Google are in their beliefs. Not that I really care, all I have to do is read the Daily headlines and know full well where they stand, where else could I get so much impetus to chafe. Its funny how multi-culturism really means everything but Christianity. Ecumenical means Liberal Christianity, Black Liberation, any other religion than Straight-on, Evangelical, Jesus died on the Cross and Rose 3 days later to reconcile us to a Holy God. Oh well, I am running out of steam. I know it's not Googles job to proseletyze, but they should show some respect. And Google has, to their credit, run stories on Easter that are respectful-and not like an apple with a razor in it concealing their hidden agenda.

I believe the Pope Baptizing a prominent Muslim is a symbolic step that IS the direction We DO need to go in order to ultimately win the War against the Radical Islamascists. This man is very brave and I know acts like this will bring a degree of condemnation upon Himself. Stand strong and there will be a crown of Life.

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