Sunday, March 09, 2008

World NewsWatch February 9, 2008 A.D.

Uh oh! If these are Islamascists maybe the Olympics will be targeted. Boy that would be going one step too far for the worshippers of allah spreading their religion of "Peace". I doubt China would hold back like we here in the Pacifist west do when it comes to those whose goal is to undermine our society. Let's wait and see, the word Turkestan raised my antennae.

This here is where to watch, if you are interested in Biblical Prophecies and where we really are in the Free Worlds battle against the forces of darkest evil.
Give up some ground and they will set up a launch pad to bomb you from. Release some P.O.W's and they will inevitably end up back on the battlefield. When you give an inch Satan will take a mile. Could you imagine in W.W.2 if when Berlin was bombed the newsmedia called for proportional fighting or posted how many civilians were killed ? We never could have won that war with our current mindset. Let US never forget we are not starting these wars, but we need to be strong enough to finish them. There are people out there who would kill all Israeli's, all Americans, and all Free non-wnzliwz if they had their way. If they had the power that we have. Look what we do with our power, we have freed Muslims, in Kuwait, Kosovo, and in Iraq. We help them in their hour of need like the tsunami relief effort. We have shed our blood, laid out our treasure, I doubt that any of these places would have done the same for US. And the flip side of that coin is if we were like them they would all be dead!

History repeats if you don't learn your lessons. It seems like Spain is going through similar ideological struggles as in the U.S.A. Only Spain is ahead of US in Socialism. I guess Real Estate bubbles were inflating everywhere? The battle tthat socialism presents to Christianity is the same throughout the Free world. And it sounds to me like the Leftists frame their arguments the same too. The Christians want only the freedom to worship and our societies not to devolve into Secular Humanist self worshipping weak shells, ripe for a takeover, ripe to crumble from within from the decadence that will surely follow the trail blazed by those with no higher calling than pleasing onesself.

Winners never quit, and quitters never win. I am not sure what strategy may or may not have been in play with this retirement and special election. But the timing is curious. If America wants change so bad, does that mean changing everything? Back to a Republican controlled Congress perhaps? Such sloganeering just belies the fact that the ideas from the left come back void. Hmmm, I'm not really sure how Congress' low ratings tranlate well for the Democrat Party, they are the majority, and Bush is not running for anything. Maybe the change America is looking for is to give the Democrat's a few more years to drive the stake through the Nations collective Heart? Two years is hardly long enough to really foul things up. Maybe with a President and a filibuster proof Senate and a supermajority in Congress we can usher in the golden age of American Socialism and collectivism, that will surely break our Countries back.

Local Newswatch

The Sacramento Mayoral Race is a microcosm of Hillary/Obama. We have a doubty "experienced" woman incumbent running against an unproven, handsome , successful African American Man with star appeal. The mayor has failed and maybe we should vote for "change"?
Like Obama I am not sure where Kevin Johnson stands on any issue. But in reality he can do no worse than Heather Fargo has done for our city. Another interesting side note, part of Her platform will be "climate change". I noticed how it is no longer being referred to as "Global Warming" with all the colder than average temperatures the World has seen this winter. But I will wait for summer in Sacramento and with the first heat wave(even though we really haven't had them lately, just one notable 1 week period, 2 years ago) I know darn well everybody will go back to calling it Global Warming. They have already placed that fear into our kids heads, so..... It will be easy to go back there.

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