Tuesday, March 04, 2008

Super Tuesday Too (2, Deux)!

Well here we are at the crossroads for the Democrat Party. There are actually four ways to go here today. Take a left turn to Barackland, move backward to Clintonville, move forward to that brokered convention, and a right turn for .... McCain? Nader?McKinney? More mud slinging?
It appears the economy may be the way to bring a Democrat into the Whitehouse. The war in Iraq is going too well to follow that narrative, although Barack will. Proving once again that he is woefully unprepared to lead a countries Foreign policy. Hillary can tiptoe her way through that one since she voted for it before she voted against it. The National Media is doing all it can to present the American people the inevitability of recession. Every day there is a storyline that goes that direction. All negatives are expounded upon and all the positives are swept under the rug. And no doubt a recession will bring the most clamour for "change". Just like 1992 all over again. Recessions happen and there isn't a lot we can do, except live on and have faith we will come out the other side. I myself have lived through 3 recessions, and while they are no picnic they do present opportunities to those who are prepared. Work hard and dont waste money and be prepared for the next upswing. The pendulum swings both ways.
Barack Obama will find it harder and harder to remain above the fray with vagaries and political rhetoric. Americans as a group may not be all that smart, but we are not all that stupid, either. When he syas things that offend our allies like renegotiating trade deals and then says it was just campaign fodder, I cringe. When he sends messages about disarming, you wonder what world he is living in. When more and more of his connections turn out to be politics as usual, he has begun to be unmasked. When he says he will raise taxes that hits everybody where it hurts. Except of course those who dont pay any taxes and they will vote for Barack or Hillary or Ralphie, or Cynthia(hee hee).
But as for Hillary, the far lefties don't like her, although they will vote for her in the end. No one from the center right wants her. And lots of those stuck in the middleground would choose McCain in the general election. Her positions on about every issue are not so different than Obama.s either, so in a personality contest he will win. And as far as the corruption, America does not want to redo the 90's . No thank You. America does not really want to see Bill Clinton back in the Whitehouse either. Both Hillary and Barack are determined to give me free health care, cool. But as a pragmatic realist I understand fully nothing is free. Somehow affordable insurance seems like the way to go. maybe the Government can help there. I have never understood why we have to have insurance for work (workers compensation) which tallies quite a lot. And health insurance for the other half of our lives, cause we don't really need insurance while we are sleeping, do we? If some politician could figure out a way to combine what's paid for workers compensation insurance by employers and what makes up the difference by the individual we could probably get everyone covered. Kids are already covered with a lot of different plans. The poor are already covered by Government plans , and County Hospitals are obligated to treat everybody regardless of ability to pay, even illegal aliens, and they do treat everybody. Just be prepared to wait. People just have to learn how to jump through all the hoops. I know people that are on welfare have figured it all out. If they can can't we all?
So supr Tuesday part 2 stands to be an exciting adventure in Democracy, people get out and vote, our freedom to do so came with a very high price. Don't squander any chance to have your voice heard. It is the ultimate in freedom.

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