Thursday, March 13, 2008

No Apologies!

Geraldine Ferraro should not have to apologize for what she said. And shame on Hillary Clinton for throwing her under the Bus, and then having the nerve to apologize for her. For Ferraro spoke the truth. Maybe the spin distorted what it was that she really said.

First she was exactly right about Obama, Everybody reporting on Obama has given Him a pass because the press all wants that story line, America elects a Black Man. See! we are not now racist anymore! Hooray for US. However Barack is more than just a Black man, eloquent and smooth. He is actually quite radical. He goes to a Radical Church, is left of Teddy Kennedy, and I believe he would take our country for a bad change. Hillary just can't quite throw any stones without shattering her carefully crafted statue. So she has others do it, and if it bombs they get cut. Hows that for leadership?

Barack is embodying the John Edwards brand of populism and hipocrisy. That is what I think Geraldine meant, Edwards and Obama say the same things, but John Edwards got no traction. He wasn't a novelty or a member of the Identity Political Gang. And Edwards couldn't really pull it off on the street with the true brothers. For now Barack can, but wait until more light is shined into his dark corners. There are more than likely a few more Rezkos, maybe a Spitzer, definitely a Farrakhan, and quite possibly a commie. Barack has gotten a pretty easy ride in his Politics up to this point, but now He's trying to represent more than South Side ruffians, a collection of minorities and victims, and corrupt mobsters.

I know Barack is going to be much worse for our country than even Clinton would be, but there is something about the Clintons that is so distasteful I would consider this change for the worse, as somehow preferable. I guess we would have to have the Clintons expose Obama because i fear that McCain just will not. Lets' see as election day draws nearer and the stakes are more clear.
Let US just be clear, too, about the Politics of Skin color, If Barack were a true conservative and putting forth solid conservatism I would be swooning for Him too. But He divides as he says he is the one to unite US, and there is no concern for the Americans who are vowing to fight terrorism to the bitter end. The terrorists bitter end that is. A Barack Oabama would never reach out to a guy like me. Except maybe to change me into a pacifist, liberal, killed by terrorists, American.

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Amanda said...

I agree, Barack is not an ideal canidate for this country. I also agree that Clinton has others do her bidding. Our politics have gone so down hill. Our canidates have become bad versus worse. It should not be that way.