Saturday, March 01, 2008


Who do you think they are fooling? We have political monkeys all over the world who say ludicrous things. And they expect it to be taken at face value because they are "great leaders" and whatever they say had better be believed by their captive audience within the confines of their own borders.
"Iran has no need to intervene in Iraq. It is friendly to all groups in Iraq. Isn't it ridiculous that those who have deployed 160,000 troops in Iraq accuse us of intervening there?" the Iranian state-run news agency, IRNA, quoted Ahmadinejad as saying. What a bunch of hogwash spewing from the little Hitler of Iran upon his visit to Iraq. I find the bald faced lying as comical as it is alarming considering that many people may actually give credence to this bravado. Why must these charades be played for months and years? We all know what the beady-eyed, polyester-wearing knave is all about. The Shi'i alignment is alarming to say the least. I guess Iran's plan might be now that Saddam is gone and the U.S. has stabilized the country, to put Iraq in their column. How Ahmadinajhad can get welcomed by people who he has had a hand in the killing of their civilians is one of the wonders of the Middle Eastern Dead Zone I cannot comprehend. I guess I must be satisfied with, He will get His in the end.
As always, in the center of the cyclone, Israel once again gets condemned for defending Herself against daily rocket attacks from Gaza. As long as the Palestinians use their innocent civilians as shields, the civilians may get hurt. How much plainer does that have to be spelled out? I know if we were getting rockets shot over our southern border the American people wouldn't wait so long to take matters into their own hands.
Go a little further south and you have 1 demented megolomaniac. Much revered by leftists here and abroad, this dictator regularly spouts the inane drivel that the leftists can really rally around. Sounds like the commie is a war monger to me. I wonder if he would go to the U.N., get resolutions, warn Columbia 50 times, get some allies on board, and then as a last resort fire up his war machine. Somehow I don't think so. What's good for the goose isn't always good for the gander. I guess if you pretend to have a grievance and keep putting that out there some believers (Liberal Media/Liberal America Haters/Fellow Communist-Fascists) will eventually fall into your orbit. It is amusing how all these Little Dictators employ similar tactics, get similar results, and have similar objectives. None of their goals would turn the world into a better place.
Their scorched Earth policies will eventually lead to a Scorched Earth.

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