Tuesday, April 08, 2008

What are you trying to say?

Let's look at how negotiations within the U.N. method are working with Iran and their quest for Nuclear Armament. ooooh.... That's what I thought, not good. Well, before we know it they will have a bomb and start an arms race in the Middle East, and walaa, good times-good times....bad times. The U.N. cannot negotiate, there are enemies of restraint in the U.N. that want Iran to have a bomb. A house divided cannot stand. And the U.N. is divided if they are nothing else. I wish the U.S. would quit the U.N. and kick them out of our country. It's just a cesspool for bureaucrats with America footing the lions share of the tab.

Stepping up the level of prattle to send the discord upward to Heaven, the alarmists are waging a war and taking casualties. This hoax, if allowed to proceed forward much further, will go down in History as when Human Beings became so conceited that they ushered in their own downfall.

I wonder if Barack and his Church could maybe help their brothers out here. Thats what I thought, the slick talker is all words, the rhetoric as empty as the suit. I know these problems must trump whatever is going on in America to Baracks church, because they are for Africa first right? If whitey is keeping the Black Man down in America, who in God's name, is doing it to them in Africa?? Well lo and behold....It's messed up everywhere. I nominate Obama to not just heal America's souls, but why not the whole world's souls?

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