Monday, April 21, 2008

The Buffoon Brokers a Deal

Jimmy Carter will insure peace in the Middle East by helping Hamas exterminate Israel? Any deals that call for giving up any land will not work. Trusting the Muslims to honor their word when dealing with Israel is folly. I saw that Hamas did not give up their committment to wipe out Israel nor can they guarantee the rocket attacks and suicide/homicide bombings will stop. This deal is a Non Sequitur, and never forget when you are dealing with the Devil expect no help from above.
Jimmy Carter still fancies himself a statesman, but he should know better than butting in where he does not belong. I am convinced he feels another crack at this Islamic problem He helped to protract could seal the deal on His legacy. AND he is right, only his legacy is one of ineptness and weakness and futility. He should have just continued to pound some nails. Didn't New Orleans need to be re-built too?
I would recommend the State departmnet revoke his passport.
Another Nobel peace prize can be had with similar results guaranteed. No progress, just talking and more rockets, more homicide/suicide bombers. More of the same.

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