Thursday, May 07, 2009

National Prayer Day

On the radio today I got to hear an old prayer by Franklin Delano Roosevelt that he read to the Nation, I think it was right before DDay. It was an awesome invocation and call to the nation to remember how we got there and why we were blessed, and really just to never forget that God was guiding our Nation always. Beautiful words and a spirit that is now so far removed from our country it is just sad and indicative of why we are in the mess we are in, in so many ways. All recent Presidents have taken the opportunity on this day to lead by example, to put approval upon our Nations spiritual livelihood from the top down, making it clear we want to stay a country that God is moving in and using US to do good in the world. I cannot imagine a President Barack Hussein Obama having the nerve to make a prayer like this to the country, under any circumsances, ever! And that is the greatest tragedy of all.

Well today I heard that Barack H. Obama decided to forego anything official from the white house to honour this day. To me it is shameful and for him to do his prayers on a National prayer day in "private" just smacks of his way of voting present and playing both sides against the middle. It is very frustrating knowing our "leader" is so afraid to ever stand up and be counted, what is he waiting for, the 2012 election cycle? People are figuring him out, in spite of the fact that he keeps his cards so close to his vest. Even not deciding is making a choice. Obama thinks he can acknowledge without acting, stay above the mere human tendency to live within the confines like everyone else. Being a disciple of Jeremiah Wright has caused him to be cut off from 9/10ths of all Christians in this country. All these Democrat anti religious intolerants will have Obama denying God in the end. Its too bad he can't say what he really feels, he has to know, no matter what, he is going to get some grief, so stand for God and take the grief that you know you are on the side that's right. But if you live by the special interest groups you can die by them too.
Like a thousand tiny cuts. And I have to wonder, who all is he trying not to offend?

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