Sunday, January 13, 2008

"I Propose Peace"

I have always supported President Bush in regard to defending freedom by confronting the tide of totalitarianistic religious/political barbarians masquerading beneath the veil of Islam. I have supported Bush within our country on domestic issues relating to life, and the economy. However a few lapses in judgement(perceived) has wavered my belief that he really knows what the ramifications will become.
Take immigration, closing the barn door after the horses are gone is a complete failure of a prime duty of the President. The oath is to protect US against enemies foreign and domestic. Nothing is more domestic than our borders. That is what makes US a nation.
And now the President is stepping into the mud puddle of Middle East Peace shows another glaring lack of good judgement and common knowledge. However good the intentions may be, something created at the end of his term cannot be guaranteed beyond his seat of power. Or Abbas', or Olmert's. The people in Israel have to live surrounded by enemies, and if they cannot strategically defend their nation things will go bad in a hurry. I wonder if Bush's pollyanna approach to this conundrum is being directed by God almighty, or one man's desire to "bring peace" where peace cannot come until the return of our Lord. Because if it is directed by God then pieces are in motion and the end times are drawing nearer than we might want to think. I know President Bush is praying hard to do the right thing, I just wonder if pride and doing great things might be clouding his fallible judgement. Unable to claim to have done the right thing on quite a few things here in America where it should be relatively easy, I wonder if this has been thought through to it's logical conclusion.

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