Friday, January 18, 2008

World NewsWatch January 18, 2008 A.D.

I'm not sure just doing anything is the right answer to what ails our economy. Great growth for 6+ years should be tempered with a cooling period, that is how inflation stays in check. The real problem was we were racing ahead of a natural correction and the greed kept US all from heeding the warning signs. I wonder if part of Bush's strategy to pay for the war was to allow the illegal aliens into our country to accelerate the growth, thereby adding to the housing increase that has paid the bills, but subsequently inevitably collapsed. With a softening of consumer spending which has coincided (ironically)with the drumbeat of "recession" from the mainstream media. Say it often enough and it will eventually filter down to buying habits of ordinary Americans. The growth we were experiencing was obviously too fast paced if it had to include millions of illegal aliens to get the job done. Now we will all pay the price. At least the coming solution may not be a partisan, finger-pointing, hand-wringing, self-flagellation. But more than likely it will be a move a step late and misguided, for all it's well meaning.

This scares the Hell out of me. I know there is a threshold out there that when we step over it, God Almighty will slam the human race, and put us in our place. Beware!

I had a feeling before I read this article that it would most likely sidestep the real reason in my mind. Ultrasound. Now women are seeing that unviable tissue mass for what it really is, a Baby!! Thank God women are coming to their senses however they get there. But I believe it is more than just better contraception and fewer abortion mills, I believe the Holy Spirit is working through our prayers to stop this blot on the civilized world, one life at a time.

How could such a brilliant man be such a dunderhead? Chess was something I lived, ate, drank, and slept back at the time of his heyday. Bobby Fisher was my hero then, and I am saddened that he passed away so young. He left the world the way he left his country, without the full honor he deserved, in the end.

I am never ceasing to be amazed by the capability of these evil-doers to do evil. It doesn't matter if it's Sunni vs. Shi'i, Sunni vs. American, Sunni vs. Sunni, Shi'i vs. Shi'i, Shi'i against Amerrican. Jew ahteist Christian etc. etc. They live to fight and fight to live.

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