Thursday, January 04, 2007

World Newswatch January 4 2007

Democrats and Nancy Pelosi take over America.
Global temperatures predicted to change. In Australia it's called summer. The environmentalists call for "action" will surely target America first. When will they realize the Earth could just shake us off like a dog that has fleas when it wants to? Of course we won't all go, maybe just the rich.
Gerald Ford laid to rest.
Saddams buddies get to see him soon.
Mitt Romney prepares to make a run for the White House in '08. His hecklers attitude is all you need to know about this man. A typical reaction by a commy-lib who fears a man of conviction. Personally I don't care for Mormonism, but I would rather have a Mormon next door than a lunatic leftist. And I am certain Mitt Romney would make a great President.
The ferry captain did survive.
Parkinsons disease drugs may be harmful, watch for push for embryonic stem cell endorsement by Dems.
Watching the News on T.V. it's all about the caveat, and Walt Gray.
Playing God again. Beware.

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