Wednesday, January 10, 2007

Meet the New Boss, Same as the Old Boss.

Conservative Policies will continue to benefit America. Why shouldn't We be the World Police?
One thing I think our country needs to really see, not just in Hollywood action flicks, are the ramifications of actions like, Driving Drunk, Speeding, you can throw in fighting like gangs and drunken idiots at the bar, jealous lovers quarrels. Not blocking off 3 City blocks for 4 hours because some shmuck drove drunk and wrapped his car around a telephone pole. Get life back to normal asap. The way we hide from the reality of death here in the west I am sure is something these Islamic deathloving freaks feel they can exploit in US. We are still in denial as to the finality with which these zealots would put US under, just as we are in denial as to racing around in cars like lunatics could kill the perpetrator or an innocent victim, and is happening here in America every day.
We should all be just as worried about negligent/criminal drivers, as we are all here in America way more likely to be killed on the Highways than killed by terrorists. Or, our Soldiers in Iraq have almost as high of a likelihood of dying in a traffic accident in Iraq as being killed by enemy gunfire. And relative to the general population here in America many of them are a lot safer. At least even with watered down rules of engagement they have the weaponry to defend themselves and maybe then facing lawsuits is better than being killed outright.
Lets let our brave soldiers go out and win this thing.
They can, they already did.
Some here in America just want to give away our advantage.

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