Friday, January 26, 2007

I Left You My Calling Card.

With all of our spineless politicians starting their campaigns for a Presidency they will have effectively weakened when they are right in the middle of an important task reminds me of a kid with attention deficit disorder. Either they are incapable of dealing with the situation, or deliberately trying to sabotage the effort. Even though the evidence is to the contrary these are not stupid people. They have risen to the top of their profession with persistence, conniving, lying, and grandstanding. I know trying to get anything done in Washington must be like trying to herd Cats, but with our Countries security and prosperity at stake, anything less than complete dedication to success is unacceptable.
What good would a Democrat or Republican Party be if the nation is in tatters or falls into civil war or God forbid is destroyed by one of our MANY enemies? I know a lot of people think there is no way that could happen. But it has happened in the past to ALL top dog nations and civilizations when they become decadent and deaf to the concerns of the people who make it all work.
The appeasement crowd only wants to see our military in action when they are feeding the starving masses, displaced by Wars and natural disasters, not eliminating what is creating the Global suffering. Missions with the objective of only rescuing the helpless little children stepped on by totalitarian regimes, really doing what the U.N.'s job should be, are where Liberals see the U.S. Military's deployability. A reactionary response to the problem. I believe our military should only be used in situations that directly affect our National Interests. Maybe we could have another outreach program, meals on wheels, to help out the less fortunate in the world and illustrate our desire to do good and righteous deeds. We have always had and will always need to have the best military force in the world or we will cease to be the great Nation that we are, and that we have created for ouselves the imperitive to remain.
There must be a great statesman out there who can save US. A Truman, Churchill, Reagan, or Thatcher. The class of politicians coming up in 2008 is so weak, watered down, and wimpy I am afraid we might not even make it to the end of the Mayan calendar, 2012. Which coincidentally lines up with the end of the first term of the next President of the United States.
This lady seems to me to be worth knowing about. She called it and paid the price. Prophetic vision comes in all shapes, sizes, and from anywhere in the World. When the writing is on the wall it doesn't hurt to read it, forewarning can be helpful, even if it does make you weep.

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