Thursday, April 09, 2009

The Reach too Far

I knew it was only a matter of time before the Obama administration went to the expected depths to scrounge for votes. With the economy shedding jobs, this move makes absolutely no sense, but in the election cycle dynamic it may be now or never to rahm this one through. So the team that will "let no crisis go by" without extracting every ounce of political gain out of it is caught in a paradox. Do they make their power play and infuriate all Americans (Republicans, Democrats, and Independents)who disagree with open borders, and the dilution of citizenship, and value of their individual votes, or do they put this on the back burner while universal health insurance and cap and trade emissions provisions get the legislative pole position?
Once again our founding Fathers' genius will give our nation its best chance to succeed. With only 2 years between any election theres always a chance to change course should the country start to veer out of control. Should Obama and Co. reach to far, and it seems that the finger they have on the pulse of the country is heavyhanded, and they will push too hard. Just look at the only place they see to cut the budget, the National Defense. Or look at how quickly they took off all pretense of hiding their pro-abortion stance. Look how quickly they have stopped bashing Bush and his 500 Billion dollar deficits and given us Trillion dollar plus deficits. The Democrat party cannot wait to wield their power and won't take the time to make sure they do not do more damage. And the American people who have brains to think will see through the power grab and bald faced attempts to legislate majorities indefinitely.
The tea parties next week will most likely be a very eye opening experience for the Media. As they will have to do their darndest to look the other way after the huge protests become obvious to all that real Americans do care and will mobilize. How they will try to spin things to shield Obama will be most interesting to behold. I will have photos here of the gathering in Sacramento. The only benefit to a slow economy right now for me is I will have time to go protest instead of working. And the Conservative protesters will be heard instead of the usual professional protesters the left always trots out and moves from protest location to protest location. These will be real American people affected by what is happening in our economy and to our future, and making their voices heard and their stance clear.

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